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In the city of coal and electricity in Liaoning, the city of basketball and the home of race walking, there is a bright textile pearl inlaid-she is Fuxin Fumian Textile Dyeing Group, which integrates spinning, weaving, foreign processing, and real estate development. .

The group covers an area of ​​126,000 square meters, has 2,400 employees, 100,000 spindles, 30,000 thread spindles, and 900 looms. It is a joint-stock private enterprise transformed from the original Fuxin Textile Factory. She has gone through a glorious course of 46 years. It has become one of the largest and fastest growing textile manufacturers in Northeast China.

The group is mainly engaged in spinning and weaving, and concurrently engaged in import and export trade, outsourcing processing, and outsourcing printing and dyeing. As a tertiary industry, real estate development is advancing by leaps and bounds, with an annual output value of hundreds of millions. The products are mainly made of pure cotton, chemical fiber, blended spinning and a variety of new types of fiber synthesis of less than 120 counts, various single yarns, strands and grey fabrics for apparel fabrics. With an annual output of tens of thousands of tons of yarn and 30 million meters of cloth, the annual output value is 350 million yuan, with exports accounting for 50% and foreign exchange earnings of 30 million US dollars. The products are well-known at home and abroad. It is exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Western Europe, the United States, Russia, South America, Africa, etc. Its export delivery value ranks among the top 50 in China's cotton textile industry, and has entered the top 500 comprehensive competitiveness of the national textile enterprises.



Relying on the principle of honesty and precision industry, the excellent brand of blessing cotton, high-end textile technology, UST strict monitoring methods and strict quality management system ensure the excellent quality of products. Word edge varieties have become the main brand, shuttleless weaving has developed rapidly, and spinning weaving has risen to a new level.

The group has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS), the Organic Conversion Certification (OE), and the Global Recycling Standard Certification (GRS). With high-quality service, strict quality management system and good reputation, the company is highly recognized by customers in the fierce market competition. The company focuses on staff training and development, product innovation and research and development, and is committed to becoming a global professional supplier of high-quality textiles.

Fumian people feel the care from all directions, the leaders' visits, the ardent expectations of customers, and the attention of peers; the Fumian people carry honor and responsibility, and march towards higher development goals. Entering the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Fumian people have launched a new round of development strategy. In the future development, they will build the enterprise into a collection of production, outsourcing processing, outsourcing printing and dyeing, trade, manufacturing, real estate development, and various A modern enterprise group integrating management.

Fumian Group warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to come to guide and conduct trade negotiations.

Fuxin Fuzhiyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

National Service Phone:0418-2813077

Address: Fuxin High-tech Industrial Park, Liaoning Province


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