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Blessings all over the world cotton warms the world

Fuxin Fumian textile and Dyeing Group is named after the hidden poem "happiness is all over the world, cotton warms the world". It is a good blessing for all the people in the world and a concentrated expression of Fumian people's unremitting pursuit of great selfless dedication.

Fumian group is a joint-stock private enterprise established in 2004 from the former Fuxin textile factory (established in 1966). With five subsidiaries, it has developed into an enterprise group with its own core competitiveness, integrating textile, trade and real estate development. It has become the largest textile production base in Northeast China and the top 50 textile export enterprises in China.

The group has gone through 46 years of ups and downs, through the hard work of the sixties and seventies, the initial growth of the eighties, the groping forward of the nineties and the re entrepreneurship of the twenty-first century. With the great changes of history, we always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, innovation, unity, and endeavor", with the belief of creating, challenging, dedicating and surpassing ourselves, and with the support of Shahai, attacking and cloth, self-improvement without rest, and virtue. Constantly carry out asset integration and technological transformation, constantly adjust product structure and grade, constantly pursue self perfection and product quality, constantly change business mechanism and business strategy, constantly explore management and corporate culture construction. Thus, the glorious history and brilliant movement of Fumian were created and composed.

All the way, all the sweat and all the singing, we are lucky to get the consistent care and expectation from all levels of governments, leaders, peers and customers at home and abroad. It is this kind of care and expectation that has become a great spiritual force for Fumian to strive and forge ahead. We have met with elites from all walks of life at home and abroad. In our contacts with well-known counterparts at home and abroad, we have learned and learned from many valuable management experiences, strengthened our confidence, strengthened our courage, and accumulated wealth of knowledge for further expansion and strength of Fumian.

Blessing is all over the world and cotton warms the world. On the way to realize the beautiful vision of blessing and cotton, I have the honor to work hand in hand with a large number of like-minded colleagues to strive forward, to pay for themselves, inherit the creation and invention of the ancient Chinese nation's textile, deduce the arduous cause into the model of creation, and cast the ordinary work into a grand historical monument. Looking forward to the future, my colleagues and I will adhere to the enterprise as the platform, and strive to realize the new leap and the new peak of Fumian, repay family members, employees and society with the glory of the group, and realize our own life value.

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