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Company spirit: innovation, pragmatism, unity and progress

Company tenet: all for the sake of users, all for the satisfaction of users

Business philosophy: honesty first

Faith: creation, challenge, dedication and Transcendence

Welcome to the new website of Fuxin Fumian Textile Co., Ltd

Creation is the source power of human development, and also the source power of the development of Fumian enterprises. It inspires us to innovate constantly for human progress, not only to manufacture the best products, but also to set up a model of private enterprises, which is the goal and mission of Fumian enterprises.

Textile technology is an invention of China. The silk road is more famous in ancient and modern times and overseas. There is no reason why the best textile in the world is not produced in China. Fumian textile challenges its strong rivals with first-class quality. It is the unremitting pursuit of Fumian enterprises to challenge, compete for the first place and keep the best forever.

We can do that, to contribute economic interests for the social interests, to contribute their own interests for the interests of customers, which is the eternal spirit of Fumian enterprises.

Songgaoweiyue, junjiyutian, Fumian people strive for self creation, self challenge, self dedication and self transcendence, fight with the sea of yarn, attack with cloth, self-improvement and never stop, virtue with carrier, which is the embodiment of Fumian people's perfect life.

We hope that no matter you know something about "Fumian group" and want to know more, or you accidentally hit the wrong key into this website; whether you care about our products or our company; whether you care about the growth of Fumian group or your own growth, you can get something here.

Fuxin Fuzhiyuan Textile Co., Ltd.

National Service Phone:0418-2813077

Address: Fuxin High-tech Industrial Park, Liaoning Province


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